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Engine Building


Multiple British Championship Winning Engine Building Service.

Tailored engine building to meet your requirements. Championship specification or general track/road use. Expert engine builders that care.

“To win, first you must finish”. Reliability comes from careful planning and expert, precision build quality. Something that is in our DNA.

Blue Printing

At an engine’s design stage, detailed drawings (blueprints) are produced by the engine designers, nowadays these are CAD files but we still refer to the optimum spec as “the blueprint”. 

During the manufacturing process, many parts will be mass-produced that will lead to some inaccuracies at the extreme of tolerances. The aim of blueprinting therefore is to optimise dimensions and clearances within the engine to reflect design goals. Thereby precisely produce the maximum performance that the designers intended.

Motrac Racing supports numerous race teams and has multiple championship and major event successes. You can be confident that we possess the skills and knowledge to effectively blueprint to exacting tolerances. To discuss your requirements call/contact Motrac now on 01244 568925 or


Every engine has room for improvement. Engine characteristics can be modified and performance increased by a range of methods. We have developed many specifications and work with industry leaders using the best components and specialist services to deliver exceptional results. We have several computer aided design options and decades of race engine building experience. In-house gas-flowing, port modification and machining capabilities. To discuss your requirements call/contact Motrac now on 01244 568925 or

Engine re-building service for one-off builds or periodic maintenance. Many of our racing clients entrust Motrac to carry out regular re-builds to maintain reliability and peak performance. Engine rotation and component tracking allows us to work with teams to reduce costs and maximise engine life. Its all part of the service.
Motrac Racing has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field – so you can rest assured you are putting your engine in the hands of experts you can trust. To discuss your requirements call/contact Motrac now on 01244 568925 or

Engine removal, re-fitting and commissioning

Not everyone has the time or capability to remove, re-fit and set-up their engine. No problem, we offer a turnkey solution. Leave it to us.

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